WEX Linen Supply Services

WEX offers a comprehensive range of high-quality linen products to suit the needs of every business.
As your one-stop for reliable and high-quality linen services all over Japan.
We cover it all, from proposals of linen appropriate for our customer's needs to handling and management.
Linen that a customer used
WEX One Stop Service
Repairs and Upkeep
Inventory management
WEX One Stop Service


WEX offers an extensive line of linens that hotels need to make guests feel comfortable and pampered during their stay.

Restaurants and Wedding Banquets

Spotless linens for tables and interiors as well as beautifully folded table napkins that add an elegant flourish to any occasion.

Manufacturers, Car Dealers, and Repair Shops

WEX has a longstanding commitment to supplying cleaning cloths to industry, along with a range of low-environmental-impact products and services.

Foods and Pharmaceuticals

WEX offers thorough hygiene and quality control to provide uniforms. Our uniforms embedded with RFID tags enable safe and secure monitoring.


WEX provides uniform and hotel-grade linen products for safety, security and comfort.