WEX offers an extensive line of linens that hotels need to make guests feel comfortable and pampered during their stay.

Our services

Bed and Bath Linens

Duvet covers, bed sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, face towels, bathmats, sleepwear, bathrobes

We have a wide selection of bed and bath linens - from standard linens to imported luxury linens - to fit the need and budget of every customer. Our knowledgeable sales associates who are certified towel sommeliers work with customers to put together the right bath-linen programs for their establishments.

Banquet Linens

Tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, table runners

We have a broad assortment of linens that match the type and venue of any banquet.

Hospitality Uniforms

Suits, jackets, pants, skirts

We offer a wide line of uniforms for doormen, front-desk agents, and other hotel staff, and provide dry-cleaning and maintenance services.

Cooking Uniforms and Linens

Chef coats, aprons, trousers, caps

We cater to a wide variety of kitchen needs by offering chef coats (including head chef embroidery) and kitchen linens.

Uniform Exchange Room

WEX operates an on-premises uniform exchange room in nearly 30 leading hotels and amusement facilities in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, and provides on-site management of uniforms of their service staff. This arrangement offers the following benefits:

- Managing staff uniforms
WEX manages uniforms of the establishment's service staff on site,
- Fast and reliable inventory management via RFID tags
We keep track of all uniforms worn by service staff, which also enhances security management.
- Repair services
Our on-site staff repair and mend minor rips and tears in uniforms on the spot.

In particular, establishments in the following position will find having a uniform exchange room on their premises to be a benefit:
(1) Having a large number of staff
(2) Staff working different shifts
(3) Fluctuations in the number of part-time and temporary staff

On-site laundry facilities in hotels

WEX operates on-site laundry facilities at selected hotels to provide the highest standards of efficient guest laundry and other linen services. We also offer conventional off-site laundry services for other hotels.

- On-premises laundries
WEX operates on-site laundries for the leading hotels in Tokyo metropolitan area, such as:
(1) InterContinental Yokohama Grand
(2) Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
- Express services
Our on-site professionals handle all laundry requirements.

Benefits to our customers

  • Freeing customers from the hassles of linen management
  • Hotel-specific linen items handle with care our dedicated plants
  • Management of uniform exchange rooms and laundry facilities within the hotel.

Freeing customers from the hassles of linen management

Our linen supply service consists of regular collection, cleaning, and delivery of linens and uniforms used by our customers. Repairs and replacements are done at the same time. Thus, customers should never feel burdened by linen management. We can also provide customers with solutions in inventory management and standardization of sanitary criteria, which are difficult to achieve when customers manage linens on their own.

Hotel-specific linen items handle with care our dedicated plants

We has an extensive lineup of high-quality linens used by luxury hotels (yarn count 60, 80, etc.) and can offer product solutions specifically for hotels. The linens are cleaned in specialized lines that meet the international RAL hygiene criteria, so customers can be assured of sanitary, high quality products. We also provide a comprehensive range of products to suit customer needs, including table linens, napkins, and wet hand towels used in restaurants and banquets.

Management of uniform exchange rooms and laundry facilities within the hotel

We can also provide management of laundry facilities and uniform exchange rooms within the hotel. RFID tagging of uniforms enables the recording of usage history and other relevant information. Our in-hotel laundry facilities provide professional, high-quality, well-finished items, and quick response times for guest laundry and staff uniforms.

How the service works

Bed and bath linens

1Selecting Tables

Let us know the number of tables and their sizes. Prompt visit by WEX Sales Personnel.

2Service Product Proposals

Suggesting the most appropriate coordinated sets consist of table cloths, napikins and so on with consultation.


Submitting the best price among selected service contents.

4Discussing the Detalls

After concluding the contract, the delivery date, time, place, way, etc., would be discussed.

5Service - in

Delivery of the products to a specified location on a set date.

Regular service begins

*Please feel free to contact us more detailed service items such as uniforms, table cloths, guest laundry service, exclusive bed linen items, and so on.
*Meetings concerning the details of collection and delivery of linens can be held as needed.
*Ask our sales managers the details of WEX's various services including the guest laundry service and outsourcing service.