Restaurants and Wedding Banquets

Spotless linens for tables and interiors as well as beautifully folded table napkins that add an elegant flourish to any occasion.

Products and services

Cooking Uniforms

Chef coats, white coats, trousers, caps, aprons, pantry towels, dust cloths and other kitchen linens

Our kitchen uniform range covers a wide variety of styles, from traditional cook’s clothes through to designer uniforms and luxury lines. We have a solution to suit every style.

Fabric Materials: Cotton Linen, Polyester, Mixed, etc.

Uniforms for Hotel Staff

Suits, jackets, pants, skirts, caps, aprons

Our uniforms are designed to be stylish as well as durable to enhance the look of your business.

Fabric Materials: Cotton Linen, Hemp Linen, Wool linen, Polyester, Mixed, etc.

Table Cloth

We offer table linens to match the image of your restaurant, from traditional white to unique colors and patterns, as well as luxury lines.

Fabric Materials: Cotton Linen, Polyester, etc.

Wedding Linens

Tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, table runners

Choose from a variety of our attractive wedding linens that brighten up wedding ceremonies and receptions. They are available for purchase or one-time rent.

Table runner

Combine with other linen items such as table skirts to produce a decorative flourish to give events an extra lift.

Fabric Materials: Polyester etc.

Luncheon Mat and Napkin

Adds color and sparkle to every meal as well as a fresh, clean look.

Fabric Materials: Cotton Linen, Hemp Linen, Polyester, etc.

Chair covers

A popular choice at weddings for that premium look and feel.

Fabric Materials:Polyester

Benefits to our customers

  • Freeing customers from the hassles of linen management
  • Extensive lineup of products for use in several situations
  • Nationwide network of services

Freeing customers from the hassles of linen management

Our linen supply service consists of regular collection, cleaning, and delivery of linens and uniforms used by our customers. Repairs and replacements are done at the same time. Thus, customers should never feel burdened by linen management. We can also provide customers with solutions in inventory management and standardization of sanitary criteria, which are difficult to achieve when customers manage linens on their own.

Extensive lineup of products for use in several situations

We offer an extensive lineup of products for use in various situations. Take our table linens, for example. In addition to our popular cotton tablecloths, we can also supply other materials such as elaborately designed polyesters that are perfect for weddings. We also offer kitchen and floor staff uniforms of every description, and even dusters to meet customers' needs.

Nationwide network of services

With our nationwide network of our own trucks and route sales representatives, we provide reliable delivery and consistent service regardless of location. Customers with national chain operations can be expect the same high quality services regardless of the location.

How the service works


1Selecting Unifoms

A large range of choices available from our extensive catalog. The Original Uniform could be made as well.

2Determining The Staff Numbers

Determining which staff members will wear which uniforms.

3Calculating The Numbers of Each

Calculation of the required number of each uniform per day (per week).

4Making an Estimate of Service

Pricing structures that best suit the customer based on the types of products selected.

5Adopting WEX's Service

New uniforms are fitted with an IC chip.

6The First Time Delivery

Delivery of the products to a specified location on a set date.

The Regular Service

*New additional products and changes are always available.
*Detailed invoices are sent based on daily rates from the day you enter or leave a company, set around the day we are first contacted.
*Some products may not be available at a certain requested time due to inventory conditions


1Selecting Tables

Let us know the number of tables and their sizes.Prompt visit by WEX Sales Personnel.

2Service Product Proposals

Suggesting the most appropriate coordinated sets consist of table cloths, napikins and so on with consultation.


Submitting the best price among selected service contents.

4Discussing the Detalls

After concluding the contract, the delivery date, time, place, way, etc., would be discussed.

5Service - in

Delivery of the products to a specified location on a set date.

Regular service begins

*Please feel free to contact us more detailed service items such as uniforms, table skirts, chair-covers and so on.
*Service items can be added and changed at any time.
*Charging after figured out a daily rate from the day when received the notification of increasing and decreasing the number of employees.
*Ask our sales managers the details of WEX's various services including the outsourcing service.