Foods and Pharmaceuticals

WEX offers thorough hygiene and quality control to provide uniforms. Our uniforms embedded with RFID tags enable safe and secure monitoring.

Products and services

Food Manufacturing Industry Uniforms

Shirts and coats, trousers, caps and hats

We supply functional uniforms made with advanced materials and techniques to prevent contamination. We confirm the uniform’s performance in a wash test at the WEX laboratory. (RAL and ISO22000 compliant)

Fabric Materials: Cotton Linen, Polyester, etc.

RFID tagging system for plant access control

The use of RFID-tagged uniforms for access control inside customers' plants ensures better hygiene control and security, for instance by preventing unauthorized access by piggybacking.

We can also link a range of functions to the RFID system, including attendance management and monitoring the number of personnel at each working process.

Benefits to our customers

  • Freeing customers from the hassles of linen management
  • RFID tags for individually assigned uniforms
  • Systematic hygiene control

Freeing customers from the hassles of linen management

Our linen supply service consists of regular collection, cleaning, and delivery of linens and uniforms used by our customers. Repairs and replacements are done at the same time. Thus, customers should never feel burdened by linen management. We can also provide customers with solutions in inventory management and standardization of sanitary criteria, which are difficult to achieve when customers manage linens on their own.

RFID tags for individually assigned uniforms

Our individual rental system ensures our customer can always wear their own uniforms. Based on the RFID system, the location, delivery schedule, and frequency of uniform changes can be checked on our internet-application (WEXLIVE), and customers can order new uniforms or request to change size through our website.

Systematic hygiene control

Our cleaning facilities incorporate HACCP* concepts for contamination control and hygiene management. Cleaning is performed within units dedicated to the food industry, and additional hygiene checks are always performed during delivery. The consistent quality and hygiene levels are made possible by passing the rigorous numerical criteria of RAL, the German quality standard, in addition to ISO 22000-certified maintenance and control. We can also make various proposals for improvement through our owned laboratories.

* Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.

How the service works

Restaurant uniforms

1Selecting Unifoms

A large range of choices available from our extensive catalog. The Original Uniform could be made as well.

2Determining The Staff Numbers

Determining which staff members will wear which uniforms.

3Calculating The Numbers of Each

Calculation of the required number of each uniform per day (per week).

4Making an Estimate of Service

Pricing structures that best suit the customer based on the types of products selected.

5Adopting WEX's Service

New uniforms are fitted with an IC chip.

6The First Time Delivery

Delivery of the products to a specified location on a set date.

Regular service begins

*New additional products and changes are always available.
*Detailed invoices are sent based on daily rates from the day you enter or leave a company, set around the day we are first contacted.
*Some products may not be available at a certain requested time due to inventory conditions