Takeshi Hirose Chairman

Ever since our foundation in 1970, the basis of our business has been "To earn the trust from our customers with the quality service and punctuality". In addition to fulfilling our professional duty, we have kept raising the bar to continuously improve ourselves in the past. To improve our internal business process, we have been participating the NPS organization, which promotes the principle of the production system originally developed by the automaker Toyota. We were also the first linen supplier in Japan to be certified under the RAL, the German quality assurance standards. Furthermore, as part of our commitment to the environment, we continue to invest in state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities in our plants.

"Stay in business over 100 years" is one of the major goal of our company. To achieve this mission, it is necessary to continue our commitment to the service we provide and evolve ourselves to meet the demands of the society", As we approach its halfway milestone, we will advance ourselves with the mindset of "Genchi Genbutsu*", the origin and the base philosophy of our business.

*Genchi Genbutsu" (the practice of being where the action is and seeing what is happening)

Takeshi Hirose

Jumpei Hirose President

More than a decade into the 21st century, the world around us have changed significantly even within this century. In contrast, the business model in our linen supply industry has remained essentially unchanged over the past few centuries; linen suppliers have become a part of social infrastructure, providing customers with the linen products essential to their business. In this linen supply industry, our company will continue to play a leading role by expanding our business by meeting the needs from our customers and strengthen the trust relationships with them.

WEX manages its linen-supply business throughout the value chain-from the product planning for linen items in the initial stage to laundering and delivering on the daily basis. We strive to achieve even greater operational efficiency by employing the Toyota Production System.
Moreover, we have expanded the use of IT solutions beyond the inventory management, and have innovated the linen-laundering technology by leveraging our expertise in quality control. We are also working to establish quantifiable standards for the quality of laundry-a unique approach previously unheard of in the linen-supply industry.

Using the principle of "Genchi Genbutsu" as a guidance to our business, we continue our commitment to strive for excellence in the linen supply industry with technology innovation and continuous improvements.

Jumpei Hirose