Corporate History

1970 May

Founded Shin-Nippon Wex Co., Ltd. in Nagoya .

1971 August Built the first Plant in Nagoya
1973 May Opened Osaka Branch
1976 August Established Sanyo Wex Co., Ltd. in Okayama-ken
1978 April Built the Uniform Processing Plant in Nagoya
1979 April Added Hotel Linen Processing Plant in Nagoya
1981 April Opened Toyohashi Branch
1982 July Established Tokyo Headquarters
1983 August Built Shichijyo Office
1984 January Opened Fukuoka Office
1985 July

Built Hotel Linen Processing Plant(Tsutsumi plant) in Nagoya

Opened Keiji Office in Shiga-ken
1988 October Built Uniform & Hotel Linen Processing
Plant in Noda-shi
(50km away from Central Tokyo)
1989 May Established Kansai Uniform & Hotel Linen Processing Plant in Osaka through acquisition of Seiwa Sangyo
(presently Seiwa Wex Company)
1990 January Opened Yokohama Branch
September Opened office in Chiba
1991 July Built Toyohashi Plant
1992 January Built Tsutsumi Dormitory
April Opened Sapporo Branch
July Joined the NPS Reseach Institute Established the WPS "Kaizen" Promoting Dept.
October Opened Hachioji Office
November Built Kyoto Plant

Built Company Cottage in Kaida (Nagano Pref.)

1994 April

Built New Head office Building and Kiba Uniform Processing Plant in Nagoya

September Took over Aoi Linen Service Company, an institutional linen supplier in Hamamatsu
1998 February Expanded Osaka Plant (Seiwa Wex)
March Expanded Tokyo Plant in Noda-shi
April Opened Nishikanto Office
2000 February Certified ISO9002
October Moved Osaka Branch
2001 July

Built Koto Office (plant)


Established Yokohama Line Supply processing Plant through acquisition of Nippon Cleaning, a subsidiary of NYK.

Acquisition of Hakone Laundry Co.,Ltd.(presently Hakone Wex)
2002 March Completed switch to ISO standards 2000 version
(issued December 2000)
July Integrated Nishikanto Office to Yokohama Branch
December Certified ISO14001
2003 June

Moved Tokyo Headquarters to current location

2004 January Built Shichijyo Plant in Nagoya
April Integrated Keiji Office to Kyoto Branch Re-built Kyoto Plant and Branch Office
2005 February Rebuilt Hakone Plant (Hakone Wex) and renamed Hakone Landry Co.,Ltd. to Hakone WEX Co.,Ltd.
October Certified RAL (German Quality Certification-RAL-GZ992-1,RAL-GZ992-3) by the German Quality Assurance Association for Professional Linen Care
2007 August

Established Chiba Wex Co., Ltd.
Through acquisition of Kurabo Linen Supply Co.,Ltd.

2008 December

Built Matsudo linen and uniform processing Plant (Chiba Wex)

2009 January Opened Sendai Branch
October Moved Fukuoka Office
2010 May

Built the Osaka Plant No.2 (Seiwa Wex)

June Moved and Built a new Plant (Sanyo Wex)
November Certified RAL in Matsudo Plant(Chiba Wex)
(German Quality Certification-RAL-GZ992-2)
2011 June Takeshi Hirose become chairman and Jumpei Hirose appointed as president
2012 March Certified ISO22000 in Tokyo Plant,Matsudo Plant

Built Gifu Plant

2013 March Business transfer from Nippon Wex Co.,Ltd.
Established Toda Plant,Togane Plant,Utsunomiya Office,Kanagawa Depot
2014 May Moved Sapporo Office

Moved Osaka Office

2015 April Opened Okinawa Office

Expanded Tokyo Plant in Noda-shi

2016 December Established Asset World Wex Co., Ltd. in Thailand
2017 March Expanded Gifu Plant
2018 July

Expanded Togane Plant (Nippon Wex)

2019 April Expanded Okayama Plant (Sanyo Wex)
2020 February Acquired Edoya Linen Co.,Ltd.
2020 April

Built Isehara Plant

2020 November

Built Kyoto PlantNo.2 for hotels

2022 September Established Okinawa Linen Supply Co., Ltd.
through acquisition of Okinawa Linen Service Co., Ltd.
2022 October Opened Hiroshima Office
2022 November Renamed Hamamatsu Depot to Hamamatsu Office with the addition of a sales department.